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May 21, 2019

The Garlic Farm is now accepting applications for the garlic harvesters for 2019. It's a week or two of hard work out of doors that's a compelling teamwork experience of bringing in the entire garlic crop, bundling it, and shelving or hanging it to cure. Farm owner Gary Cirullo expects harvest to start mid-July this year. The exact dates depend upon the weather and the development of the garlic in the field. See photos of past harvests on our Facebook page if you want to a clearer idea of what the work is about.

Gary likes to hire the harvest crew during the spring and early summer. Sometimes he asks prospective harvest workers to work a bit in the fields before harvest time, so apply promptly if you're interested in harvest work.

Gary may also need some extra help during the summer for fieldwork and harvesting for market.

Gary often needs additional part-time, casual workers for harvesting, staffing the retail stand, and fall fieldwork at the end of the summer after this summer's field-hands return to college.

If you're interested in working this season as a field-hand or as a garlic harvester, please apply now.

Anyone age 16 and older who is interested in farm work and who has a desire to work hard out of doors is encouraged to apply. (Parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles & well-meaning neighbors take note: Please do not act as an intermediary on behalf of a young person. Instead, point your favorite hardworking young person to this page and let the young person take it from there. Farmers need to know that young people are committed enough for themselves that they'll show up at the appointed time, so the employer tends to take seriously only inquiries by young workers themselves.)

Small farms have no human resources clerks, so if you've worked at the farm in the past and would like to work again this season, please do apply again because we don't necessarily keep an accurate call list from one year to the next.

To apply, send a letter or an e-mail message that introduces yourself and mentions any farm work or outdoor work you've already done (e-mail subject: Employment) to:

Farm Jobs
The Garlic Farm
76 Simsbury Road, West Granby, Connecticut 06090

2009 harvest crew collects garlic from the field behind the barn in preparation for curing

Harvest 2009: a particularly great crew & especially good weather

photo by Nancy E. Dunn