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The Garlic Farm
76 Simsbury Rd
West Granby,
Connecticut, 06090
(860) 670-6314
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About the Garlic Farm

On this page:

The Garlic Farm is a small family farm that sells great tasting, pesticide-free, freshly harvested vegetables directly to consumers from its barn in the historic farming valley of West Granby, Connecticut, just a few miles up route 20 from the town center of Granby.

With the 2018 season, the farm marked its 21st year in business.

Though the farm takes its name from the crop that was our original claim to fame, we now devote just as many acres to tomatoes and peppers as to the German White garlic that is our specialty.

We grow a full line of the most popular summer vegetables, raised according to the guidelines of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. (We take the NOFA pledge.) We specialize in tomatoes, peppers, and, of course, onions and garlic and related alliums, including leeks and shallots.

About where and how to buy our produce

We sell nearly everything we grow directly to the public from the farm and, during the past several years at one nearby farmers' market, the First Town Downtown market in the center of Windsor, CT.

In 2010, the farm started a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which has signups in the spring and weekly pickups at the farm for shareholders from mid-July to early October.

We also serve a limited number of local eateries with wholesale deliveries of field-fresh produce during the summer and early fall.

See the complete list of what we grow and what's in season on our home page.

About our farmer

Farmer Gary Cirullo grew up in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, where he first learned about agriculture by pitching in on neighboring farms. He later studied argonomy at the University of Connecticut, apprenticed on farms in the Midwest and managed farms in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Gary then farmed on the side for some years before turning his complete attention to raising high-quality vegetables, herbs, and flowers according to sound and sustainable farming practices. Now, in a good year, he uses his building skills only to construct improvements on the farm.

About our veggies

See the pages devoted to our garlic, garlic scapes, eggplant, and other veggies for details such as storage advice and serving suggestions: links in the left-hand column of this page.

Our home page, updated weekly during our market season, tells what pesticide-free veggies you can expect to find on sale at the farmstand in our barn in any week, with a list of what we're growing this season alongside. If you'd like a list of this year's veggies and when Gary expects them to be in season, try this PDF document, suitable for posting on the refrigerator.

Check our home page for what's in season and a list of what we're growing in the current season.

About our garlic

We grow only one kind of garlic, a hardnecked variety called German White.

During our first years of growing, we experimented with other varieties, but this one works best for us and our customers.

For more details about our garlic and how to use it in he kitchen, see our garlic page. For Gary's advice for raising garlic in your garden, see our growing page.

About our seasons

Garlic scape season: two weekends in June

We open up the barn for two weekends in mid-June for garlic scapes. The exact dates depend upon the weather and how quickly the garlic plants develop in the spring.

Sign up for the scape-season alerts from our newsletter or check our home page or Facebook page for the dates and times each June.

The summer-fall season: July-October

Open for the season beginning the
Saturday after Independence Day.
Then open 10 am to 6 pm every day till October's wind-down.

Please check the home page of our web site to see what's available this week or sign up for the e-mail newsletter (click the blue button to the left) to receive regular notices about what's available during the season.

We hope to see you at the farm during the season. Thank you for supporting the Garlic Farm.

Updated May 21, 2019